Tomb Raider Review

Tomb Raider (PC)

Square Enix

Meet the new Lara Croft


Tomb Raider is the newest installment in the Tomb Raider video game franchise. While it retains the beloved Tomb Raider exploration and adventure feel, the game is in truth a rebirth for the franchise. Gone is the busty and confident Lara Croft from the movies and environment puzzles whose difficulty stemmed more from wonky character controls than anything else. Instead, Tomb Raider introduces us to a more realistic Lara Croft, whose mental vulnerability and, while still pleasing, more believable body proportions allow gamers to bond more with the character. The game’s story, while being slightly on the predictable side, is extremely satisfying to go through and is supported by the game’s incredible presentation, which melds gameplay with cutscenes as well as any game I’ve ever played. On top of this, exploration and combat have been significantly smoothed out which, combined with the astounding quantity and quality of collectables to be found and hidden tombs to be raided in the extremely well-crafted game world, result in the best Tomb Raider experience yet.


An example of a hidden tomb. They all look great and feature a generally simple to solve puzzle which must be solved before Lara can reap the sizable experience and upgrade rewards in the recesses of the tombs.

Play this game if you:

-Like collectables (many even come with voiced-over texts which tie in to the game’s story!)

-Enjoy platforming exploration and puzzles with a little well-designed combat mixed in

-Enjoy large scale vistas

-Want a decent story that integrates well with gameplay

Don’t play this game if you:

-Are looking for an extreme gaming challenge in either combat or puzzles

-Are expecting a heavy focus on combat

-Hate collectables and can’t stand cutscenes

-Can’t stand a few quick-time events

-Want a strong multiplayer offering

Set pieces are frequent and explosive! Buildings will explode and crumble around you as you scale them, and Lara will be visibly staggered by strong winds and other environmental effects.

Gameplay: 9/10

Great combat, fun weapon and character upgrade system, and addicting exploration

Graphics: 8/10

Awesome large-scale vistas and detailed textures are only slightly marred by sometimes funny looking animations

Presentation: 10/10

Fun but somewhat predictable story is moved along by fantastic pacing and perfect transitions between cutscenes and gameplay. Cutscenes are never long enough to get boring and are well produced. Set pieces are large and exciting.

Lasting Fun: 7/10

The story is a decent length although if you completely avoid the optional hidden tombs and collectables it may feel short. Could take a while for a perfectionist to completely explore all areas of the world and achieve 100% completion. Multiplayer is fun but won’t be stealing any players from their favorite FPS and I found it practically impossible to find a match on the PC.

Overall: 9/10

Tomb Raider is a fantastic piece of gaming art and it is obvious the dev team put their hearts and souls into the game. Even the credits ooze personality, featuring a bunch of great pictures of the beaming development team and a message thanking you for taking the time to complete their game.

Play or stay away?


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